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At Edge Online Marketing Brisbane, we house a team of experts who live and breathe all aspects of long term online marketing, delivering exceptional results to small and medium businesses across Brisbane. Our focus is to provide the best results and significant return on investment to all our clients. Our years of experience working with a multitude of businesses has seen Edge Online Marketing become one of the industry’s most highly sought after online marketing companies in Brisbane and Australia.


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tailored online marketing strategy that brings new visitors to your website by increasing your organic ranking position in online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other smaller search engines. SEO is a great way to capitalise on people who are already searching for products and/or services that your business offers, as well as establishing your business ahead of your competitors, and positioning yourself as in industry leader. With one of our SEO packages, you can have access to a SEO company that includes in-depth strategic process that will provide your SEO Campaign with strong foundations for long term success. Our search engine optimisation process begins with an initial discussion so that we can research the most relevant keyphrases for your business, before creating a customised SEO strategy which we then implement as part of our SEO service. You will then receive Monthly Performance Reports from your SEO Specialist, who is proactive in making regular communication and recommendations to keep pushing for increased marketing results.

SEO Elements

Edge Online Marketing offers comprehensive search engine optmisation strategies that ensure our clients get to the top of the search engine results. Our processes are tried and true, delivering a higher return on investment than other marketing channels.


Why Choose Edge Marketing Solutions

We are are specialised team based in Queensland that offer the most transparent SEO services in Brisbane.

Experienced and Qualified

Our highly qualified team endure rigorous on-going training and are backed by a wealth of skills and experience that will help take your online marketing to the next level.

Results Driven

We do online marketing the right way, or not at all. That’s why we are able to consistently deliver our clients with top performances and high returns on investment (ROI).

Proudly Australian

Located in Brisbane, Australia, our local team works closely with Australian businesses to ensure quality services that lead to maximum results. Putting Australians First.

Holistic Approach

While each Online Marketer has their own specialty, we ensure that each team member’s knowledge extends across all areas of the digital world to give the best online marketing service.

Superior Services

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services to each of our clients. From our communication to our marketing plans and tactics, we deliver the complete package.

Innovative & Dynamic

Our passion means that we are quick to identify and adopt new and innovative online marketing tactics and techniques, so that your business can capitalise on new opportunities.

What Our Clients Say...

I could not believe the quick turnaround when Edge created my new website. It was exactly what I wanted and I regularly receive positive feedback from people interested in my services.
Business Owner
Edge Online Marketing removed a penalty on our site and now we are ranking back on the first page. Excellent communication and expert advise was given throughout the process.
Marketing Manager
Edge Online Marketing are extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Compared with our previous SEO company, the results we are getting from Edge are far superior!
Edge completely exceeded our expectations and astounded us by tripling our website traffic in just 3 months! They have great customer service and really make us feel highly valued.
Business Manager


Enhance your presence online with SEO Services targeted to the Brisbane area.

SEO Company

SEO has become an extremely necessary necessity for those companies that need to reduce their advertising costs especially when these companies are in crisis. What could be good news and at the same time something that would bring countless benefits could also be synonymous with problems and something that would bring many obstacles in which most of the time these companies are not fully prepared.

SEO is Important in Brisbane

The world has changed with every technological advance that has emerged in the last few years, and many companies don't want to be left behind, they want to be at the forefront by taking the lead. The current business market has undergone a series of constant changes, the marketing world has evolved with the new millennium, almost every business today has taken the mentality of the past and accepted the challenge of evolving as technology allows.

The Benefits of Having SEO

The most important thing is that the company has a noticeable presence throughout the network. SEO uses appropriate selection of keywords related to your company and what it does. When you choose and strategically put the keywords related to your company this will acquire a noticeable presence in a Google search engine. In the more than 2000 searches that are carried out every second in the Google search engines, your company will stand out and be above the rest. SEO is a process that improves the positioning of a page in the organic section of search engines.The search engines want to present immediate, relevant and important information to their users and give the web pages with these characteristics the best positioning. Through advanced programs called web crawlers, search engines scan web pages for content and updates so they can index the page in future searches. Once the data of the web pages are obtained, they pass through algorithms, that is where SEO positioning takes place.

SEO Service Objectives

Increase the number of hits: Your business will increase at the same rate as the number of hits by potential customers to your website, as you will get high-quality hits. Increase your profits: As your business becomes known to more people and your most popular brand, your sales will increase exponentially. Improve your visibility on the Internet: By positioning your website in the top positions of search engines, you will gain numerous visits and increase consumer interest in your products and services. Surpassing the competition: By strategically positioning yourself, you will be able to create a competitive advantage, making your business stronger and more relevant in the market, having a better appreciation for consumers. Increased user interest in your business: Good reputation will make them speak well of your business and more and more customers will be interested in your products. Keyword analysis: a market study and an analysis of the company is proposed in order to obtain the keywords that will position the company in the search engines. SEO companies in Brisbane offer quality, improvement and above all experience, don't be disappointed by the lack of success of any business endeavour, let it be no doubt about it, efficiency and most importantly success are guaranteed by having the technical proficiency of a Brisbane SEO company.

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