We give you a breakdown as to why

There are a lot of Marketers, Business Owners and the like out there that have trouble understanding just what it is about SEO that makes it a long term online marketing strategy.

You might say that SEO is a lot like going to the gym and eating healthy. The initial shock of these positive actions to your body might result in weight loss and muscle gain, but unless you keep exercising and eating healthy, the weight and muscle gains will go in the wrong directions.

SEO is very similar. The initial on-page changes that one makes to a website to optimise it may result in noticeable improvement in rankings and web traffic. However, unless one keeps working at the off-page SEO then these results will be short lived. SEO is about 75% Off-Page [Hubspot], so it is vital to have a strong set of on-going SEO tactics for your website.

Off-page optimisation includes tactics such as:

  • Blogging
  • Directory Submission
  • Business Reviews
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Exchange
  • Social Media

The other common misconception that businesses have is cancelling their SEO services which have been running for one or more years, as they are profiting well from it and no longer require to invest in it. As the above gym analogy demonstrates, you might eat healthy and excise everyday for many years but the longer you stop doing it, the more your results will diminish.

If costs are an issue, I would recommend scaling back but never dropping SEO completely. Once you get off page 1, it becomes increasingly harder to push back between those businesses that never stopped their SEO.

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